Boutique Resort in Koh Samui – Sponsoring Art

Holiday resorts come in many themes. Some provide a relaxed laid-back atmosphere, in which the guests would like to lose themselves and move as far away from their mundane official activities, even if for a short period. Other resorts also aim at giving the guests staying in their resorts, something new all the time, reinventing their profiles. Koh Samui in Thailand is a resort island and has many different resorts. The Samui boutique resort is one of a kind. This is because the theme they have chosen to lure their customer is art. That in itself is unique. Let us learn more about this resort or hotel.

Basic Amenities of a Hotel Cannot be overlooked

Irrespective of the type of guests you get in any resort in Koh Samui, the common thread will be that they choose the island as a getaway trip and the effort of the resort management, and the staff in the resort would be to work towards providing that relaxed atmosphere. Providing neat and well-appointed rooms is a basic necessity. Making available the food the guest wants is also equally important. Keeping at least one of your restaurants open until late night will be appreciated by the guests. Since some guests might have a night out and come late, you have to be ready with the food being kept warm. A good Samui boutique resort takes all these aspects into consideration. Similarly, the other facilities a Samui resort has to make available to the guests include a swimming pool, a fitness centre and massage parlour and Spa. As stated, the guests are on a vacation and making them feel even more relaxed and comfortable is the job of the management of the hotel and the employees also have to be extremely polite and be very pro-active in helping them.

Events and other Attractions

The resorts in Samui are busy with many events all through the year. There are weddings held here, and the guests are also busy with many other activities. Art is another big thing that the Koh Samui resorts use to bring a lot of people together. Here, in a Samui boutique resort, people who have an inclination towards art, can gather and exchange views and draw pictures and show them to the others. There would be art critics who will want to discuss about the arts created by the artists and learn what people think about the particular artist’s work. There could even be some healthy competition among the artists and a team making a judgement on whose work is more attractive. All these add up to quite a lot and the experience the guests gain in such an atmosphere makes them all want to come back for more, year after year and this could become a marquee event one day making the resort a world-famous  concept resort, perhaps hardly heard before.

In all this nice air of art and culture, the hospitality part has to run parallel and the guests and their guests from the world of art will appreciate the boutique resort. The management could turn such large events into revenue earning streams also.

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