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Top Reasons Why Stainless Steel is Preferred for Storage Tanks and Butt Welded Fittings

Storage facilities require high-quality and durable storage tanks. Making use of a plastic moulded tank for saving water is quite preferred, and they have replaced the traditional water storage tanks made of concrete and iron. However. there are crucial applications where only a stainless steel storage tank with stainless steel butt welded fittings should be used. 

stainless steel butt welded fittings

A number of industries manage fluids and chemicals which could react with the material of the storage tank, and the residential properties that prefer stainless-steel agree that it’s the suitable product for the storage tanks.

Stainless Steel and its Unique Attributes

Other significant sectors serviced by stainless steel storage tanks and stainless steel butt welded fittings Australia makers are the oil market, most chemical markets, and the pharmaceutical industries.

Why do they prefer stainless steel?

One of the important attributes of stainless steel is that it is non-corrosive. Stainless steel comes in various grades, one of the most preferred ones being SS 304 and SS 310. The toughness of the material and its capacity to store the most complex of materials is further determined by the density of the material used in building the tank.

Another two elements that are most noteworthy in products like stainless steel storage tanks are that they are easy to maintain and hygienic. This makes food and refreshment industries favour storage tanks with stainless steel butt welded fittings.

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Production of Stainless Steel (SS) Storage Tanks

Besides being updated with current innovation in building SS storage tanks, manufacturers should likewise have the best-skilled workforce, and they should be knowledgeable in running the latest machines. 

Most of the time, the stainless steel tanks containers are customised since each application is unique and the manufacturer has to produce the storage tanks according to the specifications of the client. 

All materials utilized in the fabrication of stainless steel tanks, of course, need to be evaluated before being utilized. Construction of stainless steel requires tools for reducing home plates and flexing as well as welding the plates making them right into the sizes and shape. In addition, there are similar accessories fitted on the tanks like pipes bonded to the outlet and the stainless steel butt welded fittings.

Buying SS Storage Tanks

When you have to purchase stainless steel tanks and fittings for any one of your applications, make sure that you disclose your usage’s specifications to the supplier or dealer before you purchase one. This includes the size, shape, weight, and especially the material you’re going to put in. For instance, if you’re looking for a stainless steel hot water storage tank, you have to make sure that the storage tank can withstand not only the hot water but also the fatigue in the environment where it will be placed. 


Even the completed tanks need to be evaluated by means of the best methods. Again in the industries where the stainless steel tanks are utilized, dimensions have to be precise and tolerance levels of accuracy are fairly slim. This indicates that besides the capability to fabricate the stainless steel tanks, the external coatings have to be top notch. The welded portions are ground and polished, and the final surface area is glossy as well as smooth.