Embrace a Rewarding Career with Cert 3 in Aged Care

Are you interested in caring for the elderly? Pursuing a cert 3 in aged care should serve as your climbing ladder. Caring may sound simple but when it comes to the actual care delivery, professionalism is paramount. If you are passionate about caring for the elderly, it is important that you ensure that you are well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. There are many institutions in Australia offering aged care courses which are delivered by highly qualified trainers.

What are the career options?

The demand for aged care is on the rise in Australia, attested by research done by experts. As a matter of fact, the demand will continue rising such that by 2050, as almost one million aged care employees will be required.  It is because of this reason that the government has seen the need to train more and more enthusiasts so as to increase the workforces. Once you have completed your cert 3 in aged care, you will qualify to join the workforce. In addition to that, the doors of furthering your studies in the future will be opened.

Find out what you will learn

While pursuing cert 3, you will be provided with the necessary tools, training and confidence to help you succeed in providing top class aged care services. You will also be inspired on the various opportunities in the field including community support care and personal aged care. This way you can choose the one you prefer.

What does it take to qualify?

For the record, cert 3 is open to all Australian citizens who are enthusiasts of caring for the aged. The intriguing part about cert 3 is that, it can work for any schedule as far as you organise yourself appropriately. Depending on your schedule, you can choose whether to take day time, evening or weekend lessons.

The fact that there are many institutions offering training in aged care, it is important you be careful to choose only the best of best. Here are a few factors to put in mind during your search:

  • Credibility of the institution: Use online and offline research to find out whether the institution has a positive or negative reputation. That is, does it have a history of offering reliable aged care training?
  • Certified: Ensure that the institution is registered. For instance, a credible institution offering cert 3 in aged care in Australia is registered. This is very advantageous because students who train in registered institutions enjoy the benefit of government funding. With the funding, you just have to contribute a certain fraction of money to pay for your training fee.
  • Flexible time schedule: It is important to find out the hours that an institution runs and consider if they are convenient for your schedule.

In conclusion, to embrace your career as a professional aged care giver, do not hesitate to contact Sage Institute of Education, one of the best organisations in Australia.

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