Service Points to Bear in Mind When Hiring an Excavator

Posted on April 11, 2017 in Automotive

Compact excavators have evolved greatly within a single decade. Excavators perform various important functions especially in the construction sites. People use excavators when mining, removing snow, dredging rivers, digging deep holes and deep trenches, handling massive material and when leveling land area. One can’t stop doing any of these tasks simply because they don’t own an excavator. You can instead hire one for the period you intend to use it. To some extent, it is cheaper to go for excavators hire Dalby has to offer as long as you will maintain it well. Here are maintenance and service points you should not overlook after hiring an excavator:

Track tension

Excavators have different service points that require urgent attention if the machine is to work efficiently. Track tension is one of the service points you should pay much attention to. Most excavators have rubber tracks that require proper adjustment to minimize wear and maximize the longevity of the track as well as its components. If you allow the truck to run loose, you will accelerate wear that may eventually cause unnecessary downtime. It could also cause wear of the track system components such as the front idlers, sprockets and traction motors. This is an important point to know when searching for quality excavators hire Dalby has today.


Grease happens to be the lifeblood of all bushings and pins that most machines such as excavators have. However, most people don’t remember to check whether all the moving parts are properly greased. It is recommended that all bushings and pins should be greased every day. Besides knowing the grease points of an excavator, you should also know the quantity and quality of the grease you should use. Ensure you always grease the machine properly because over-greasing or under-greasing can cause a lot of problems. This is just a part of the information concerning excavators hire Dalby has today you should know.

Hydraulic oil change

Just like the engine oil, hydraulic oil should be kept clean always. Hydraulic oil usually breaks down and loses its ability to hold contaminants contained in a suspension. Moreover, the oil could also lose its viscosity. The viscosity of grease is important in protecting all the moving parts of machines like excavators. If the hydraulic oil is contaminated and not changed in good time, several hydraulic failures could arise. Hydraulic oils absorb moisture and prevent it from accessing hydraulic components. Those who offer excavators hire in Dalby could also help you know if the current hydraulic oil is good.

Keep proper records

Record keeping is probably the most time-consuming and tedious tasks one can perform on a hired excavator. Keeping invoices and service records for repairs, filters, and oil is important. These records help a lot when evaluating the service life and performance of any hired or owned machine. Contractors and companies that deal with the best excavators hire Dalby has today are keen on maintenance and service records.

How efficient an excavator would be, depends on how well it is maintained. If you are careful to observe the four maintenance and service points above, you would not have problems when returning the excavator to the hiring company. Anyone looking for Dalby excavators hire should know that the maintenance cost is not always included in the hiring cost. Visit us at

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